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Ideas for our unique rendezvous

By Brigitte | 12 Dec 2019

Behind the Closed Door...


It's not about seducing men, it's about embracing the womanhood.

                                     Dita Von Teese





It comes up in my mind while I do the photo shoot with that red gown, what if... I'll be taken in that red gown? While looking at a lady in her fancy gown, elegant and untouchable. Being able to take her to private and enjoy this air piece alone as you're the VIP. Isn't this a wonderful idea to conquer the uncountable and feel her behind the door side?



You& I

* I'd love to offer this experience only to the gentleman/ lady I think worthy.

* 6 days pre- booking requested if you want to go for the above.

* 4 hrs+ booking for the mentioned experience.

* Extra donation will be applied.

* Shoot me an email or request a session when you are ready to book. (Email: meetbrigitte@protonmail.com)






As a fan of BDSM, I'm extremely into enjoying this with the right person (I'm picky by the way). When the right one comes knowing how to play, the pleasure of me being conquered is not described-able but I would say the maximum I'd experienced. Like some of you do, the training, all the twisting and beautiful toys make my blood boiling.



You& I

* The above is offer to the gentlemen/ ladies I like and feel secured.

* Minimum 24 hrs booking or long term arrangement (Please go for PSE)


Some of us look for escape because we are tired of the dull of the daily stuff. We go for a sweet GFE session or spicing up with a hot PSE, and that's about as far as we can stand to take the magic time of seeing that special sweetheart. To others, a sensual rendezvous is the true art form. What about something out of the traditional? Well that's the honeymoon. It is to be planned, prepped for, researched throughly and worthy waiting. True playboy (yes please be proud of being a proper playboy as I'll find you more adorable) doesn't just fill the form to snag a general deal, he shows up to snag all of the deals and be extremely creative. To help you in your quest for the most playful experience on this rendezvous, I have came up with some ideas about the unique time I'd love to spend with a gentleman. Think of this as your north star, let it guide you through the crowds and down the aisles to that special plan you desire letting to reality.



It's a Date


A woman's dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.     .

                                                                             Sophia Loren



Shop for Me


The Barbie is ready for you, let's go dress me in the way you want. Or better thing: let's go for lingeries. Maybe we should start from stockings, I'd love to get my garter ready on me so I don't need to go to the fitting room. Enjoying the view as much as you can when I get the stocking on, but I will possibly ask you to help me with the clamp. (I promise this scene will still look respectful.) A little bit teasing spices up the day, right? The next destination should be lingerie shop...



You& I

* I offer this experience only to the gentleman/ lady I'm comfortable with.

* 4 hrs+ booking for the mentioned above.

* Shoot me an email to discuss or request a session when you are ready to book. (Email: meetbrigitte@protonmail.com)




Shop for You


If "shopping for clothes is dull" applies to you, let me take that chore off from you. I can be your stylist, personal shopper and that sweet companion.



You& I

* 4 hrs+ booking for the mentioned above.




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